New Business

Instant, Reliable Registered Agent service in Colorado for your New Business. Get Instant Access to our Colorado Registered Agent address & pre-signed forms needed to complete your initial corporate filing. Click New Account for Instant Service.

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Existing Business

Colorado Registered Agent service is also available for existing businesses. We make it easy to switch to our service. We provide the instructions to update your Registered Agent information with the state and pre-signed forms to complete new filings.

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Colorado Registered Agent

Instant, Reliable Colorado Registered Agent service

We provide Colorado Registered Agent service to new and existing businesses. As your Colorado registered agent we will accept and forward any service of process, notice, demand or reminder received on behalf of your business at our Denver location to the shipping address you choose. Our Cherry Creek location is about five minutes from downtown.

To read the law regarding Registered Agents in Colorado please see sections 7-90-102 (55), (56) and (56.5), CRS and section 7-90-701, CRS. The address that you provide during the order process will be used to forward items received, you can update your shipping address online or by e-mail at any time.

Colorado Registered Agent service is our specialty. We continually refine our service to include the features our customers need and request most, including:

  • Forwarding of important items
    We accept and forward to you important documents, service of process and other reminders promptly.
  • Incoming item scanning
    Documents, Service of Process and other items are scanned into your online account.
  • One-low price, $50 per year
    No hidden fees. Our customers enjoy reliable service and static pricing year after year.
  • Download Pre-Signed Forms
    Includes access to commonly used forms, pre-signed and ready for you to fill-in, print and file.
  • View & Print Documents and items
    Service includes access to the Registered Agent Dashboard. View scans 24/7 with any web browser.
  • Protect Personal Information
    As your Colorado Registered Agent your online record will reflect our physical street address.
  • Free Business Guides
    Read our free Business Guides to help you establish business credit, complete filings and more.
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime
    If you dissolve your entity or need to cancel for any reason let us know and we will assist you.
  • Premium Colorado Registered Agent
    Our Colorado Registered Agent address is located in Denver, in the prestigious Cherry Creek area.
  • Instant Registered Agent service
    When you place an order we e-mail you helpful information you may need to complete your filings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Registered Agent?
As your Registered Agent we accept and forward any service of process, notice, demand or reminder received on behalf of your business. We scan items received, notify you by email and forward the originals to you promptly.

What is the law regarding agents in Colorado?
In Colorado most entities on record with the Secretary of State must maintain a registered agent.

What forms do I have access to after signing up?
If you are creating a new business or switching from another registered agent service we give you instant access to the forms you need to complete your online or paper filing. Many of the common forms you'll need are pre-signed.

I have an agent already, how do I switch?
We make switching from another Registered Agent service easy. Simply place an order and you'll receive the instructions you'll need to complete your change quickly and easily. The State of Colorado currently charges a $10 fee to update your Registered Agent information by filing a Statement of Change.

Do you open mail? Is there a postage fee?
When we receive an item we scan it into your account for viewing and send a notification e-mail message. After scanning we forward the original to the shipping address we have on file for your business. There are no postage fees.

Do you forward ads or junk mail?
We do not forward junk-mail or advertisements that are mailed to our customers in bulk. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Do I receive notifications when documents or items are received?
Yes, when we receive an item you will receive an e-mail notification message. We also offer an optional telephone notification system where our automated system will call to notify you of the received item, with the sender's name.

What is your entity information in Colorado?
We provide you with the Colorado Registered Agent name and our Denver, Colorado address that you'll need to complete your online or paper filing immediately after you complete an approved order for Colorado Registered Agent service. Our Registered Agent entity name in Colorado is Atlantic Corporate Services LLC and our Colorado Entity ID # is 20161623114.

How do I sign up for service?
For Instant service please click here or click the Create New Account button.